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Author : Dr. Joseph Murphy
Language : English
ISBN : 978-93-80494-20-3
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Mind power is about more than just positive thinking. Once you realize that it is the power of your thoughts and beliefs that create your reality, you will begin to pay close attention to the thoughts you are thinking. By working with the process in this program you will learn how to direct the power of your mind and subconscious mind to create the life you want. Developing your Subconscious Mind Power is a straightforward, effective process based on the power of thoughts and the power of your subconscious mind. When you work with your subconscious Mind Power you learn how to use affirmations, visualization, and the many other techniques that will aid you in harnessing the power of your subconscious mind. It goes beyond simple positive thinking and gives you a system that you can apply everyday so that you regularly direct your subconscious mind to create the positive and rewarding life you want. Once you master your Mind Power and unleash your subconscious mind power, will help you develop the personal power that you already possess to create success and fulfillment in life...

Dr. Joseph Murphy was a Divine Science minister and author. Murphy was born in Ireland, the son of a private boy’s school headmaster and raised a Roman Catholic. He studied for the priesthood and joined the Jesuits. In his twenties, an experience with healing prayer led him to leave the Jesuits and move to the United States, where he became a pharmacist in New York (having a degree in chemistry by that time). Here he attended the Church of the Healing Christ (part of the Church of Divine Science), where Emmet Fox had become minister in 1931. In the mid 1940s, he moved to Los Angeles, where he met Religious Science founder Ernest Holmes, and was ordained into Religious Science by Holmes in 1946, thereafter teaching at the Institute of Religious Science. A meeting with Divine Science Association president Erwin Gregg led to him being re ordained into Divine Science, and he became the minister of the Los Angeles Divine Science Church in 1949, which he built into one of the largest New Thought congregations in the country. In the next decade, Murphy married, earned a PhD in psychology from the University of Southern California and started writing. After his first wife died in 1976, he remarried to a fellow Divine Science minister who was his longstanding secretary. He passed away in 1981.

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Language: English
Author: Dr. Joseph Murphy
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