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A Book to Build a Large and Successful MLM Business!

Author : Angelo M. D'Amico
Language : English
ISBN : 978-93-80494-51-7
MRP : ₹ 199.00
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The powerful expressions in Talk the Talk are proven communication tools, shaped by years of trial and error and handed down from leader to leader.
You’ll hear the successful MLM Leaders use the expressions in this book over and over again because THEY WORK!
Talk the Talk contains the key questions and phrases that will empower you to:
- Handle objections with confidence.
- Make new contacts effortlessly.
- Sort the real prospects from the pretenders.
- Motivate and train your new distributors.
What took us Diamonds years to learn, you can have at your fingertips immediately!
Always remember... before you can walk the walk to Diamond, you have to be able to Talk the Talk.

At age 38, Angelo M. D’Amico was a highly respected businessman and church and civic leader. Despite being a million-dollar annual producer in the insurance business, Angelo was in debt over $100K and struggling to fight off bankruptcy and foreclosure of his family’s dream home when he was first approached about the Amway Business opportunity.
After overcoming his skepticism that “this thing was too good to be true,” Angelo placed his faith in the power of the MLM Business and the Yager InterNET educational & training system and went to work, achieving Silver producer in 111 days, Emerald in 20 months and Diamond in less than four years.
Today Angelo and his wife, Cindy, are financially free with a significant, on­going income and live in a beautiful water-front estate on four wooded acres in Jacksonville, Florida. Their two sons, Brain and Mark, work in the family business.

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ISBN-13: 9789380494517
ISBN-10: 9380494513
Language: English
Author: Angelo M. D'Amico
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